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All-Fix & All-Game
... the two part amazing all purpose epoxy putty repair materia
ls By Cir-Cut Corporation. 

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to the number of uses for these remarkable products! 

This wonder material will patch holes, chips, cracks, seals & plugs leaks even underwater ! Both materials works wonders rebuilding, fixing, restoring, bonding or creating just about anything. It can be shaped by hand or with modeling tools, sanded, smoothed to feather edge, ground, carved, drilled, tap threaded, painted, tinted ... the cured material will not break apart or loose its shape. All-Fix & All-Game serves so many purposes they eliminate the need for many other products that clutter your workspace ! Th
e indefinite shelf life makes this product a favorite of professionals and hobbyists alike.
"There are as many ways to use this product as there are people needing solutions" ..... Home, Auto, Boat, Plumbing, Drain & Soil Pipe Repair, Pool, Pond, Tank, Underwater Repairs, Arts & Crafts, Hobbies, Antique Restoration, Porcelain & Ceramic, Repair, Sculpting, Figurines, Casting, Model & Mold Making, Toy & Doll Repair, Furniture Repair & Restoration, Wood Work & Rot Repair, Carpentry, Fine Detail Work & Modeling, Model & Hobby, Cement , Concrete, Tub, Tile & Grout Repair.....& 1001 Other Uses !!! Waterproof 0% Shrinkage Non-Sag Permanent Safe Paintable Tintable Rock Hard Cure Even Cures Underwater. 


Today's Specials

All-Fix Epoxy Putty 3 lb. Unit ( 2 Pint )
Price: $39.95
All-Fix Epoxy Putty 3 lb. Unit ( 2 Pint )
All-Fix Epoxy 3 lb. Unit ( 2 Pint )
All-Game Epoxy Putty 3 lb. Unit ( 2 Pint )
Price: $39.95
All-Game Epoxy Putty 3 lb. Unit ( 2 Pint )
All-Game Epoxy 3 lb. Unit ( 2 Pint )

NOAA Coral Restoration With All-Fix Epoxy

Artist & Craftsman Dan MacPhail

Of Dan MacPhail Studios 
Kevil, Kentucky