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All-Fix Premium Wonder Epoxy Putty combines the features of sculpting clay with the superior adhesion and strength qualities of epoxy!  All-Fix is super smooth with a putty like consistency.  It is easy to mix and use.  Once mixed All-Fix can be textured, smoothed to a feather edge with a wet finger, brush, sculpting tool or toothpick.  All-Fix will adhere to just about any surface or material.  All-Fix is a self hardening 2-part epoxy with a work time of 1-3 hours and fully cures rock hard in less than 24 hours.  Once cured All-Fix has many finishing can be sanded, drilled, tapped, carved, ground and even machine or lathe cut without chipping, flaking or cracking.  It is ideal for sculpting, arts & crafts, embellishing,  jewelry, glass art, mold, doll and model making / restoration.  This remarkable product can even be applied underwater or in wet environments and has become the favorite go to material for live coral restoration programs, reef, ocean and tank habitat creation.  All-Fix is amazing for underwater repairs to swimming pools, ponds or spas.  It is the ultimate product for all types of bonding or creation of just about anything you can imagine!  All-Fix accepts paints and stains in both its cured and uncured states.  The natural color of All-Fix can be easily changed without losing any of its remarkable performance qualities.  Simply add color tints, pigment or acrylic paint to the product when mixing to change its natural color.  Add multiple pigments to create a marbleized look and countless other effects.  All-Fix Epoxy...the original "DOES IT ALL...FIXES ALL" epoxy putty that will keep pace with ALL of your project needs!


Most Versatile

Epoxy Putty !

The One Product for "All"  Of Your Project Needs

All-Fix Epoxy Putty is now available in various sized wide mouth containters  for all of your project needs!  No matter ... All-Fix Epoxy Putty Fixes & Creates ALL !

From small projects to large ... All-Fix will meet "All" of your needs!

3 lb. All-Fix Large Unit ( 48 oz. )

1-1/2 lb. All-Fix Medium Unit ( 24 oz. )

1/2 lb. All-Fix Small Unit ( 8 oz. )

Available In 

Multiple Sizes 

1/2 lb Small Unit

1-1/2 lb Medium Unit

3 lb Large Unit

New Wide Mouth 

Containers ! 

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Submit photos and a brief description of your projects, repairs and creativity using All-Fix Epoxy Putty.  We love to hear from our customers and are amazed at the seemingly countless uses you have found  for this versatile product!  

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