All-Stick Premium 2-Sided Tape Sheets


All-Stick premium heavy duty mounting tape sheets is a space-age double sided bonding product that joins materials in an instant.  Unique sheet design for custom projects and applications. Provides permanent long lasting weatherproof bonds to all types of materials: ceramics, plastic, stone, metal, wood, laminates, composites, glass and many more! All-Fix premium heavy duty mounting tape is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and environments.  The super flexible and conforming tape will adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces.  Available in 2 conveneint size sheets for all of your application needs.  The SMALL sheet is 5" x 3.5" & the LARGE sheet is 9" x 11.5".  Material thickness is 1/32" ( .032") All-Stick can even be applied underwater or in wet, damp environments. Great for Do It Yourself projects. 

All-Stick Premium 2-Sided Tape will meet All OF YOUR REPAIR - MOUNTING & BONDING NEEDS! 

  • Weatherproof & Temperature Stable
  • Indoor / Outdoor / Marine
  • Industrial Strength
  • Permanent Instant Bond
  • Adheres To Most Surfaces : Plastic, Metals, Wood, Ceramic, Stone, Tile, Fabrics, Leather & More!
  • Flexible / Contours Well
  • Unique Sheet Design 
  • Adheres To Smooth & Rough Surfaces
  • Paintable