All-Fix can even be applied underwater or in wet, damp environments and has become the favorite go to material for live coral restoration programs, reef, ocean and tank habitat creation.  All-Fix is amazing for underwater repairs to swimming pools, ponds or spas.  Its unique tintable  / colorable feature allows the user to color the material to the job at hand!  Great for Do It Yourself projects. 

( See web page on how to change the natural color of All-Fix Epoxy ) 

From pools and ponds to gutters and downspouts ... 

All-Fix Epoxy will meet All OF YOUR REPAIR & RESTORATION NEEDS! 

  • Pool - Ponds - Spa Repairs
  • Basement Cracks - Leaks
  • Tanks - Aquariums
  • Drain Pipes - Plumbing
  • Gutters - Downspouts
  • Habitat Creation 
  • Marine Repairs 
  • Marine Leaks - Plugs
  • Bathtub - Shower - Sink 
  • Live Coral Transplants
  • Underwater Bonding

Divers using All-Fix to adhere live coral !

Color All-Fix to match your pool for crack repair !