All-Fix Epoxy... Saving The Reefs !!!

Corals planted in late 2018 using All-Fix Epoxy

All-Fix has has become a staple and the "go to" material for live coral restoration programs, reef rescue, ocean and tank habitat creation.  All-Fix is amazing for countless underwater applications. From Reef restoration, live coral transplans,  to swimming pools, ponds or spas.  Its unique tintable  / colorable feature allows the user ( if desired )  to color the material to the job at hand! 

From pools and ponds to gutters and downspouts ... 

All-Fix Epoxy will meet All OF YOUR REPAIR & RESTORATION NEEDS! 

Newly planted corals - February 2020

Photos provided by BREEF & Perry Institute

Reef resoration divers mixing a batch of All-Fix !

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