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All-Fix is named appropriatley - it can fix just about anything, good long working time, no harsh odor, easy clean up

( no chemical required ), cures into a VERY DURABLE extremely strong solid.



This stuff is amazing for my ceramic pieces that need to have pieces attached. I make garden mushrooms and have to attach the stalk part. The suff I was using before took FOREVER to dry.  Usually the stalk would start leaning over at some point and look stupid. This stuff is stiff from the get-go and holds extremely well so that I don't have to hold the pieces forever. I go through a lot of this.


Easy to mix, manipulate and stays soft for over 30 minutes. Dries like iron! 

Stuff is amazing, easy to mix, dries hard as rock. 


Perfect for repairs and sticking any two things together. 

I've had this for the last 4 years and I am still finding uses for it!  You really can't beat its permanence - it sticks really well to just about everything.



Works up great for doll repair!


A Product that does what it is advertised to do! Amazing!

I was going to have my kitchen floor jack-hammered out to be replaced with a wood floor.  My home was built in the early 60's and has Italian mud job floors in the bathrooms, hallways and kitchen.  I also had damaged one of my bathroom floors and the hallway floor, but was resigned to live with it.  Then I got to thinking of the expense and total mess it would make ( I have finished ceilings in my basement ). So, I searched alternatives and found this product. I call the manufacturer and spoke to the daughter of the inventor of the product.  I decided to try it. It would be an inexpensive alternative if it worked. I have to say that i LOVE the product. It mixes with paint and takes on that color.  ( I was told that some uses mix food coloring into it to repair jewelry). It stays workable for hours, unlike other epoxies, and really does what it claims. I loved it so much that I called the daughter of the man who made it and told her to give him a big hug fr me.  I purchased the 2-pint set, which was really much more than I needed since a little bit goes a long way. I mixed a tablesppon of parts A and B each time that I proceeded with the repair. For the cost of under $100 ( inclusive of paint). I saved thousands. Follow the directions and try it to repair all types of broken items.  I did the repairs myself, and while exhausting  ( the kitchen took me over 7 hours ) I am completely satisfied with the outcome and highly recommend the product as an alternative to higher cost fixes.


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